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Protect your life
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About company


PROTEKT was founded
in 1989 in the central Polish city of Lodz.

 From the beginning, our goal is to
 protect people from falls from heights.


We produce equipment and systems to ensure work safety. Our equipment is used in many areas of the economy, during work at heights, depths and in rescue. We offer both components of individual fall protection equipment - harnesses, safety shock absorbers, safety lines, as well as fixed belay systems.

We attach particular attention to the comfortable use and reliability of our equipment, and try our best to respond to the growing requirements of our customers.




All our certifiable products have European certificates and are CE marked.

Products designed for fall arrest have Type Evaluation Certificates carried out by notified bodies.

In addition, many products have other rulings of suitability in special conditions

  • Products used in hazardous areas: Institute of Organic Industry
  • Products used in the mining industry: Committee on Hazards in Mining
  • Ladders, rope ladders: Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining
  • Fire department equipment: Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection
  • Textile raw materials: Institute of Textiles



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