Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

According to OSH principles, employers are obliged to provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment that minimizes occupational risk. Personal protective equipment is defined as any protective items designed to be worn or used by an employee while performing the job. It includes a wide range of products protecting head, hearing, respiratory system, eyes etc. On our offer you can find safety equipment that is essential when working at height.

Working at height - personal protective equipment


Personal protective equipment requires particularly careful selection everytime someone is supposed to work at height. Each individual element of the fall arrest system needs to be durable and reliable. That’s why it’s so crucial to use only top quality, certified (CE, Declaration of Conformity) products. All components must be used as specified and their functionality ought to be checked on each occasion they are involved.


Personal protective equipment designed for work at height includes fall arrest systems and injury prevention items.


Fall arrest systems incorporate all elements aimed at preventing falling from heights, meaning:


  • harnesses,
  • safety lines, shock absorbers, self-braking devices and other equipment.

On the other hand, injury prevention equipment includes protective helmets, also those with shock absorbing inserts protecting the head against impacts from any direction.



Personal protective equipment - top quality for employees’ safety


Products offered by Protekt are applied in fields such as construction, assembly, rescue services and many other industries. Our personal protective equipment is manufactured with attention to detail, we use the finest materials which is evidenced by a number of certificates. It meets the highest safety standards - that’s why our products are selected by so many employers. Place your order and join the group of satisfied customers!