Industrial safety helmets - ATRA

Industrial safety helmets - ATRA

Lightweight industrial safety helmets ATRA with additional dedicated accessories are the PROTEKT's solution for the growing needs of users who need secure and comfortable protective equipment. The ATRA series opens new possibilities when it comes to head protection during work at heights. It not only protects against falling objects, but also against other dangers such as electrocution. Thanks to the use of compatible accessories, user's safety is also increased regarding the protection of eyes, face and hearing, which is particularly important when talking about construction or forestry work with noisy devices and tools.


All ATRA helmets and accessories, are manufactured in Poland by PROTEKT.


ATRA helmets are manufactured in Poland.




The most important features of ATRA protective helmets


PROTEKT is a leading manufacturer of equipment that ensures safety at work. We provide very durable protective helmets made of lightweight ABS (weighing only 430 g), which are additionally characterized by:


  • very high lateral deformation (LD) and impact resistance;
  • a wide operating temperature range exceeding 397:2012+A1:2012 standards (successful tests from -30°C to +50°C);
  • availability with a fixed or movable truss;
  • a wide range of colors - 9 colors from classic white, black, orange, and yellow to less common, such as green and pink.


PROTEKT also provides ATRA industrial safety helmets with specific features such as:


  • ventilated version - for use on hot days;
  • electro-insulated version - with protection meeting the EN397 and EN 50365:2002 standards in terms of protection against short contact with an electric conductor (AC 440V) and against electric shock (AC 1000V and DC 1500V).


ATRA Industrial safety helmet accessories


ATRA products offered by PROTEKT include more than protective helmets. In our range you can find additional accessories which increase the safety level of the user. For example, they are fully compatible with ATRA equipment:


  • Face shields - to protect the face and eyes from low to medium energy particles;
  • Hearing protectors - to provide a high level of protection against noise.


Special winter thermal safety helmet liners are another accessory that increases the comfort of use especially on cold and windy days.