Safety tripods

Safety tripods

When talking about jobs performed underground, for example in sewers and manholes, it’s necessary to lower the equipment in a careful manner. Safety tripods come in handy whenever it’s impossible to use a ladder because of narrow canal inlets or outlets. The items offered by the Protekt company are manufactured from a special type of aluminium characterized by its lightness, functionality and incredible durability.

Tripods and stands in our offer can be easily transported and arranged, moreover, thanks to the possibility of folding, you’ll be able to conveniently handle and store them. Impressive lifting capacity enables belaying up equipment. Our aluminum tripods are anodized and powder coated which guarantees double protection against corrosion. Consequently, you can safely use them even in highly humid conditions.


Safety tripods and stand accessories


Safety tripods and stands require special equipment and accessories that enable lowering equipment. Our product range offers a wide range of winches for lifting loads. We sell both manually and battery operated models with special grips that make it easier to effortlessly attach the device to the tripod.


To guarantee that we meet all your expectations, we also provide anchor backplates, weight sets, versatile grips and accessories for extended tripod stands. Our product range includes basic and edge cranes as well as anchoring devices with two movable anchoring points. All items are in line with health and safety requirements.