Protection against COVID-19

Protection against COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has altered perceptions of threats people face in public spaces. We are more diligent about hand hygiene and the objects we touch. We use personal protective equipment against COVID-19. The use of protective measures is not only due to regulations, but primarily due to responsibility for our own health and that of third parties. If you want to benefit from some of the best solutions for personal protection against COVID-19, check out the offer prepared by PROTEKT.

Personal protective equipment - COVID-19 can still be dangerous


PROTEKT, as the market leader in the field of personal protective equipment for occupational safety, offers several solutions to make personal protection against COVID-19 more effective. In our store you can find products such as:


  • reusable cotton masks - they can be washed at up to 60°C. They have a wide range of applications, not only related to COVID-19. Such masks will effectively protect against dust or cold in winter;
  • masks designed for physically active people - special design provides very high breathability, while meeting the regulations on being in public places;
  • adjustable polycarbonate face shields - providing additional protection for the mouth and eyes from direct contact with microorganisms and viruses from the outside;
  • a cushion that protects against viruses in public spaces such as airports and doctor's waiting rooms.


Protection against COVID by PROTEKT


All COVID-19 personal protection products offered by PROTEKT are made of top quality materials and attention to details. Safety is our utmost priority, and the situation is no different when it comes to protection against COVID-19.