Fire-fighting and rescue equipment

Fire-fighting and rescue equipment

Firefighting and rescuing services necessitate the use of devices and accessories that guarantee safety of employees and injured persons. Work carried out in demanding conditions is associated with high requirements concerning the fire fighting and rescuing equipment that should be thoroughly designed in a way that inspires full trust of rescuers and allows them to concentrate on the job. 

The Protekt company offers a wide range of safe belaying equipment and accessories. Among our products, you can find harnesses available in various sizes, also with hip belts. In order to increase the level of rescuers' safety and comfort of work, it's also advisable to use firefighting ropes and belts.


Evacuation equipment and tents


Rescuing injured people may involve getting them out of danger zones. Frequently, they aren’t able to escape on their own and need appropriate support. For this purpose, we recommend evacuation equipment and stretchers made of various materials suitable for diverse means of transport. In our offer you can find steel stretchers which can be suspended from a helicopter on a rope.


We also provide traditional, durable polyester hand stretchers equipped with steel rods. Our offer dedicated to firefighting and rescue equipment is complemented with textile products such as adjustable windbreaks with reflective elements or medical tents used to separate work areas and protect injured persons after evacuation.