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Product inspections

PROTEKT offers for its customers inspection services of fall protection equipment. We offer:

  • periodic inspections (annually or more often if required),
  • factory inspection (after five years of prod-uct usage or earlier if needed).

Both periodic and factory inspections
can be carried in our headquarters

  • at the PROTEKT company headquarters

    Send the equipment together with the inspection order to

    ul. Gombrowicza 6
    93-405 Łodź Polska


  • at a place indicated by the Employer

You will need to send a request for an inspection along with a contact 
to determine the time and place of the inspection.

Periodic inspections can also be done by
a qualified person authorized by the manu-facturer
or responsible for fall protection equipment in a company.

Person responsible for the fall protection equipment should:

  • be authorized by manager or director,
  • be trained in area of inspecting the fall protection equipment.


Periodic inspections have to be carried according to the manuals of the equipment and PN-EN 365 "Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging".

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