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Material tripods

Work involving the lifting and lowering of individual objects or entire loads requires advanced tripods. Work at depths, such as in sewage systems, or during rescue operations often involves transport of heavy goods. A durable and stable material tripod ensures the safety of both the transported load and employees that handle the equipment.

Material lifting tripods offered by PROTEKT


PROTEKT is the Polish manufacturer of tools and systems for work safety. It provides the most durable equipment for jobs that require durable tripods, which make it easy to lower and lift loads weighing up to 500 kg or even 1000 kg.  Among the tripods available on the website, you can find:


  • lightweight aluminum material tripods that provide support while lifting employees,
  • steel material tripods with four anchorage points;
  • wheeled material tripods with rollers for easy transport of the load.


Safety of material tripods


The equipment available in our store is made of high-quality materials and meets the relevant safety standards. It's possible to safely handle even the heaviest items, all thanks to the compact design that facilitates the transport and use of the equipment. Each material lifting tripod can be equipped with additional accessories such as manual or electric cable winches.