Safety tripodsPersonal and material combo tripods

Personal and material combo tripods

To effectively carry out work in manholes, or wells, employees need to use appropriate equipment that can ensure the safety of both people and carried loads. PROTEKT, the manufacturer of personal protective equipment, does everything in its power to meet the requirements and to provide users with durable personal and material combo tripods, which make it possible to easily and safely lift both employees and goods.

Combo tripods for materials and persons


Personal and material combo tripods available on the website are robust pieces of equipment which are capable of lifting and lowering loads and people with a total weight of up to 1,000 kg. Depending on the model, it is possible to simultaneously lower two or even three workers to different heights. PROTEKT provides users with:


  • light aluminum personal and material tripods - low weight and simple construction enable easy transport and quick use during work;
  • complex anchoring devices (such as SPIDER or HEXAPOD) with two mobile and four or even six fixed anchorage points, which can be used together with rescue winches.


Quality and safety standards of personal and material combo tripods


Personal and material combo tripods meet very rigorous EN795/B and TS16415/B standards. The legs of individual tripods are made of aluminum with additional anti-slip protection, whereas the chains and heads are made of steel.