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TRE 400 - Mobile Modular Safety Rail 4m (2+2m)


EN 795/B

CEN/TS 16415

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Special features

Protection for max. 3 users

Protection for max. 3 users

Made of aluminium

Made of aluminium

Protection for maximum user's weight of 140 kg

Protection for maximum user's weight of 140 kg

Technical specification

Anchor point






68.71 kg

Static strength:

14 kN

Max. number of users:



The TRE modular work rail is an anchoring point compliant with EN795/B and document TS16415/B that can be used as a fall protection equipment element.TRE provides protection for up to 3 people simultaneously and can be used for work on building roofs with open skylights.
To ensure compatibility with fall arrest devices and evacuation winches, it is possible to use the TM1 device, which can be fitted with CRW200/CRW300 and RUP502 devices.


The device consists of 5 separate components:


  1. two opened supports on wheels (height ~1,5m),
  2. two 2-meter beam sections (providing a 4-meter work rail).
  3. a beam connector.

The supports and beams are made of reinforced aluminium alloy.The beam connector is made of galvanized steel.Each part of the device is not longer than 2 meters, which allows easy transport in small lifts.The beam is fitted with an internal rail where the ASB500-250 internal trolleys can be installed (which serve as anchor points for attaching fall protection equipment).The beam adapter is mobile for internal trolleys.The support legs are automatically locked in the open position to further stabilize the device during operation.
The device's installation requires the use of two "19" size wrenches (M12 bolts).


It is recommended for installation to be performed by two people wearing protective gloves.

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