Anchor points

At Protekt, we realise that working at height brings various challenges. Some people value stability, whereas others want to be as mobile as possible. The latter scenario includes, for example, many roof-related works, such as removing snow, servicing surfaces, monitoring the condition of solar panels, washing skylights, and more. For this reason, it's advisable to choose anchor points that provide employees with an appropriate level of freedom of movement and safety.

Choose Proven Anchor Points


Anchor points, used to secure workers, are one of the key pieces of equipment. We do our best to ensure that the product range offered in our online store abounds in various models that can be tailored to the individual needs of customers. They can select from anchor devices, anchor points for concrete, anchor beams, and anchor points. Each component provided by Protekt comes with a detailed instruction manual that informs about the correct ways of using the product. The reliability and durability of our anchor points are paramount, as they are crucial for preventing falls and ensuring the safety of workers in high-risk environments.


Anchor Points That Create Safe Mobile Workplaces


Customers often choose our anchor beams, which can be used in window and door openings. Anchor points for concrete, which allow workers to be temporarily attached to a given location, are also worth mentioning. Why? They are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations. All our anchor points are durable and have been rigorously tested. 


Thanks to this, we can ensure that they provide the highest possible level of safety. Protekt offers a wide range of products that protect against falls when working at height. Our items are suitable for employees from various industries. Check out our offer and contact Protekt’s specialists to ask questions and learn which products are the most suitable for you.


Anchor Point Solutions for Diverse Needs


Our range extends beyond standard solutions to include specialised anchor points designed for various unique applications. We offer retractable lifelines, guided type fall arresters and self-retracting devices that provide additional mobility and security, allowing workers to move freely while remaining tethered to a safe anchor point. These devices prove particularly useful in dynamic work environments where the ability to move without restriction is essential.


Our Commitment to Quality and Safety


Every anchor point in our inventory undergoes stringent quality control procedures and testing to meet and exceed industry standards. We craft our products from high-grade materials that withstand harsh environmental conditions and prolonged use.


We understand that choosing the proper anchor points can be complex, given the variety of options and specific requirements of different tasks. That’s why Protekt provides expert guidance and customer support to help you make informed decisions. Our specialists are available to offer personalised recommendations based on your specific needs, ensuring that you select the most appropriate and effective anchor points for your work environment.


Anchor Points And More: Broad Range of Fall Protection Equipment


In addition to anchor points, Protekt offers a comprehensive range of fall protection equipment, including harnesses, lanyards, and safety nets. By providing a full suite of safety solutions, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your fall protection needs. Each product is designed to work seamlessly with our anchor points, creating an integrated safety system that enhances worker protection.


Explore our extensive catalogue today and invest in your workforce's safety and efficiency. At Protekt, we are dedicated to providing top-tier safety solutions that allow your employees to perform their tasks confidently and securely at any height.