Mobile fall protection work stationsPortable anchorage points

Portable anchorage points

Portable anchor points that can be fixed to different locations are essential elements of mobile work. Apart from making everyday jobs much safer, they provide users with freedom of movement crucial when performing various duties.

Discover specialist portable anchor points


When it comes to the most important components, we can mention mobile cantilever anchor points, window trolleys, column anchor points, portable aluminium davits and mobile modular safety rails. Each of these products is suitable for different conditions. A column anchor point comes in handy mainly on roofs where it can be attached to steel or reinforced concrete columns or to skylights. It can be used by three people at a time and has a strap up to 50 meters long, which is equipped with a stretching mechanism. A portable aluminium davit is another noteworthy portable anchor point that can be additionally disassembled into three parts for transport. This device is designed for one person who can move in the space limited by their legs. 


Keep your employees safe and mobile


A mobile modular safety rail is ideal when working with shafts, manholes, sewage pits and open skylights. When supplemented with additional equipment, it can be used to evacuate employees. A portable steel davit can be applied for similar purposes. Our window trolleys, on the other hand, are ideal for various window openings and protect workers against falls. All mobile anchor points offered by Protekt meet the required standards and have been thoroughly tested by our team. Our items are subject to thorough checks, therefore, we can guarantee their safety and top notch quality. Check out the attractive offer prepared by Protekt and choose our arborist equipment, safety tripods, rescue devices, permanent anchor systems and personal protective equipment.