Mobile platforms

Managing high tanks, cisterns, silos or containers requires convenient and safe access to their door. This is crucial when filling, checking the content or cleaning these elements. Protekt offers special mobile platforms that guarantee appropriate conditions to perform such tasks. Our products are equipped with their own mobile systems that make it possible to quickly and easily move them to a chosen location.

Height-adjustable platforms


Mobile platforms in our offer are designed in a way that ensures the most convenient access to the door of high containers. A triangular safety basket is located on the top of the chassis. Thanks to it, once you move the platform to the tank, you’ll be directly above its door. The wide base guarantees stability of the design. The dimensions are adjusted to the maximum height and permissible load of the basket. Consequently, the platform doesn’t overbalance during work.


Mobile platforms sold by Protekt are adjustable which means that you can raise and lower the basket or the ladder leading to it. Thus, one element is suitable for various tanks and heights.


Safe aluminium designs


As with any work at height, managing tanks and containers requires providing the employee with appropriate protective equipment. Mobile platforms come with various solutions that increase their height. The locked extension ladder, additionally equipped with handrails, is one of the elements that guarantee safety. The ladder steps are made of corrugated aluminium sheet that prevents slipping. The basket has special rails mounted at a height that protects against falling. Additionally, a special basket exit will allow you to comfortably access the tank. All mobile platforms offered by our company can be operated by one employee.