Industrial safety helmets - ATRAAccessories and spare parts for ATRA helmets

Accessories and spare parts for ATRA helmets

Protective helmets offered by PROTEKT guarantee effective protection of workers from falling objects. They're also the first protective barrier in case of contact with electricity. The appropriate design of the equipment allows the use of optional accessories that further increase the comfort of use and protect the eyes, ears or face from injuries. In the range prepared by PROTEKT, you can find accessories and spare parts for helmets. Thanks to them, everyone can find the right equipment tailored to their needs.

Accessories and spare parts for helmets offered by PROTEKT


In the range of accessories for helmets offered by PROTEKT, a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems ensuring work safety, you can find high quality elements that increase the comfort of everyday work. You can additionally equip your helmet with:


  • an external brim shaped as a wide traffic circle combined with an additional airy mesh-curtain to shield the worker's neck. The visor is available in a bright yellow color that increases visibility and has additional reflective tapes;
  • polycarbonate badge holder glued to the front part of the helmet.


Other helmet accessories offered by PROTEKT


Drawstring bags that make it possible to transport helmets both in hand and on the back are another type of helmet accessories offered by PROTEKT. They're made of durable polyester, and are incredibly comfortable thanks to an easy-to-use drawstring. The black drawstring bag is decorated with the distinct white logo of ATRA helmets also offered by PROTEKT.