Industrial safety helmets - ATRAIndustrial helmets ATRA

Industrial helmets ATRA

Industrial helmets are one of the basic pieces of equipment providing workers with special protection. The appropriate head protection against falling objects is extremely important in all works performed at heights, i.e., on construction sites, in the production industry and in forestry. PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of protective helmets ATRA, offers the most modern solutions in the field.

ATRA industrial safety helmets - basic features


Due to the development of technology, and increasing awareness regarding safety of work at heights, users expect head protection that is comfortable and can be used for many hours. The most important features of PROTEKT ATRA protective helmets include:


  • high durability of the helmet made of ABS;
  • resistance to lateral deformation;
  • impact resistance;
  • resistance to extreme temperature conditions of -30°C / +50°C, which even exceeds the EN 397:2012+A1:2012 standards.


Each ATRA protective helmet is a complete product that includes a helmet, chin strap, truss support straps, truss strap and replaceable velour sweatband.


Types of ATRA safety helmets


PROTEKT offers various types of ATRA protective helmets, adapted to actual needs. The range includes industrial safety helmets that are:


  • ventilated (ATRA 10V series) - with designed 10 ventilation holes for comfort in high temperatures;
  • electro-insulated (ATRA 10 Series) - which provide protection against short contact with an alternating current conductor with a value of up to 440V and protection against direct current up to 1500V and alternating current up to 1000V. They are compliant with EN397 and EN 50365:2002 standards.


ATRA safety helmets - available options


All ATRA industrial safety helmets are available in two versions: with a swivel or fixed truss. Each helmet comes in 9 different colors. The helmets are light (430g) and have a very wide range of adjustment (51-63 cm), so they can be adapted to most users. The 30 cm slots allow you to mount additional accessories dedicated to ATRA safety helmets.