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Thermal Safety Helmet Liners - ATRA

Protective helmets are designed to protect the wearer from injuries caused by falling objects. This is especially important not only on construction and industry sites, but also in forestry when doing arborist work. Nowadays, this kind of work takes place practically all year round, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. This is why thermal safety helmet liners are useful accessories. PROTEKT offers reliable liners for ATRA helmets and more.

Thermal safety helmet liners - top features


Thermal safety helmet liners are one of the basic accessories designed to ensure maximum comfort of the user, even on freezing days. Products offered by PROTEKT are characterized by:


  • construction designed for ATRA helmets;
  • appropriate fastening compatible with other safety helmets;
  • comfortable Velcro closure, adjustable under the chin;
  • waterproof outer helmet material, which additionally protects against rain and water;
  • inner fleece layer protecting the user against the cold, and a hood protecting the neck and ears against cold temperatures and wind.


Types of ATRA thermal safety helmet liners


PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of equipment for work safety, provides several types of thermal safety helmet liners for ATRA helmets. Our offer includes:


  • under-helmet thermal safety liners with a fixed protective hood;
  • under-helmet thermal safety liners with a detachable protective hood, and an additional reflective element, which increases the user's visibility in the dark. These variants are available in black and bright green, which additionally increases the worker's visibility in harsh conditions.


Comfort of use


ATRA thermal safety helmet liners are designed to provide users with maximum protection against cold and wind in the most sensitive areas of the head, i.e., neck and ears. It’s important to mention that thermal safety helmet liners offered by PROTEKT don't have a negative impact on helmet stability and comfort of use at work.