Industrial safety helmets - ATRAFace shields and hearing protectors

Face shields and hearing protectors

Head protection against falling objects is not the only function of ATRA's specialized safety helmets. Thanks to the use of dedicated additional accessories, it is possible to protect the face, eyes, and hearing. This is particularly important when performing construction, production, or arborist work. PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of devices and systems ensuring work safety, provides users with high class special face shields, and hearing protectors for ATRA helmets.

Face shields for ATRA helmets


The special design of all ATRA series helmets with 30 mm slots allows the additional use of special face shields. Among the products offered by PROTEKT, we need to mention:


  • polycarbonate face shield - providing protection against hot metals (or molten solids), liquid splashes, and medium energy elements. The shield has optical class 1 and complies with the EN166 standard;
  • mesh face shield - used to protect the eyes and face against small particles of low energy, especially in forestry work where splinters of branches or stones are dangerous. The shield is made of polypropylene and steel mesh. It meets the requirements of EN1731 standard.


The special design of the face shield for ATRA helmets ensures effective protection against hazards coming from the side of the face. All sets are composed of: visor, frame, hinges and mounting adapters (for attaching the helmet shields or ear protectors).


ATRA hearing protectors


Hearing protectors designed to provide additional protection of ATRA helmets are another accessory. PROTEKT provides the following types of ATRA ear protectors meeting the EN 352-3 and ANSI S3.19 standards:


  • metal construction with SNR 25.9 dB and NNR 22 dB, noise reduction;
  • plastic construction with SNR 23 dB and NNR 30 dB, noise reduction.


The above-mentioned ear protectors are available in two versions: detachable (with an adapter making it easier to attach and detach the ear protectors) and non-detachable (when there is no need to frequently remove the ear protectors). Each version is available in yellow and red colors, which additionally increases the worker's visibility.