Mobile fall protection work stations

Mobile fall protection work stations

Working at height doesn’t always mean staying in one place. Sometimes, employees are required to be mobile in order to be able to properly perform their duties. This applies not only to the construction industry but also to the broadly understood industry. Thus, height mobile fall protection work stations are applied in a number of fields. Although safety is the basic requirement concerning components used for the construction, comfort is also unbelievably important. After all, some of the employees spend their entire days working at height.

Mobile fall protection work stations - what do they consist of?


Products offered by the Protekt company enable organizing mobile fall protection work stations for various industry types and for both temporary and permanent application. Some of the necessary elements include:


  • movable platforms
  • pivoting arms, cranes and other fixed anchorage points
  • various anchorage points.


Modern products of this type guarantee convenient operation and compliance with the highest safety standards (as evidenced by the certificates). The items come from the finest manufacturers who work with attention to detail to maximally protect employees working at height.


On our offer you can also find spare parts and personal protective equipment like safety harnesses, fall arresters and other fall protection items that are essential when working at height. Consequently, we support development of safe mobile workstations that are ideally suited to the kind of work performed with their use.


Mobile fall protection work stations for each company


Regardless of your business profile, our company can help you arrange a safe height mobile workstation. Remember that as an employer, you’re responsible for the health and lives of your employees. Therefore, it’s unquestionably advisable to select top-notch protective equipment and put unswerving emphasis on the compliance with OSH principles. With our products, the task gets noticeably easier.