Safety tripodsAdditional accessories

Additional accessories

PROTEKT, which specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment and devices for work safety at heights, including deep diving work, provides users with a range of additional accessories for tripods that are distinguished by their high quality. Safety tripods themselves are relatively complex, multi-element devices that require support in the form of various parts, which you can also find in our offer. Check out the extensive range of additional accessories for tripods available on our website.

Tripod accessories from PROTEKT


As a market leader offering systems and devices for broadly defined work safety, PROTEKT provides a very extensive range of additional accessories for tripods, including:


  • screwdriver holders;
  • rotary connector for pipes with butterfly nuts made of steel;
  • mounting plates for anchoring;
  • two-point hooks;
  • automatic pins of various sizes, allowing the selection of equipment to meet actual needs;
  • weight sets;
  • expansion kit;
  • profile for securing legs;
  • module with suction cup - rotatable and swiveling;
  • composite feet;
  • pulleys;
  • spring shock absorbers;
  • rotary connector with polymer knobs;
  • blocks with hooks with a permissible working load of up to 2000 kg;
  • adapter accessories (available in several different versions);
  • CRW holders, available in various specifications.


Tripod accessories - quality of workmanship


For safety reasons, it’s crucial to equip work crews with high-quality additional accessories for safety tripods to properly secure the work of their  operators. Depending on the model, individual products in the range of tripod accessories are made of, among other things, powder-coated galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, or galvanized zinc.