Equipment for ArboristsPulleys and pulleys block

Pulleys and pulleys block

Special arborist pulleys and pulley blocks are one of the basic elements of equipment used by arborists during work at heights. They play a very important role and enable the creation of complex systems that make it possible to reduce the force necessary for lowering or lifting tree parts. PROTEKT provides users with many types of arborist pulley blocks, which are durable, solid and have outstanding working parameters.

Arborist pulley blocks and pulleys by PROTEKT


Special construction of pulley blocks is supposed not only to facilitate lifting and lowering of trunks, branches or twigs, but also to maximally protect used transporting ropes against abrasion. This significantly extends their durability and usefulness for work. In our offer, you'll find, among others:


  • Forged aluminum pulleys in various variants (with or without through-hole / with “Pin lock” or screw lock):
    • small - with a permissible working load of 20kN and minimum breaking load of 100kN, suitable for working ropes up to 18mm;
    • large - with a maximum working load of 20-25kN and minimum breaking load of 120-125kN, for working ropes up to 30mm;
  • mini pulleys - suitable for ropes smaller than 13.5 mm;
  • single, double, and triple pulleys to create multi pulleys;
  • spherical pulleys;
  • hook pulleys with maximum working load up to 2000 kg;
  • traditional pulley blocks.


Quality and workmanship of pulleys and pulley blocks


The quality of workmanship is the distinguishing feature of TreeUP arborist pulleys and pulley blocks from PROTEKT. These products, depending on the model, are carefully manufactured using aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and cast iron. They're lightweight, which makes them convenient to use. They're available in several colors to make it easier to create rope systems at height.


Protekt offer also fall protection equipment.