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Free-standing edge protection

Regardless of the nature of performed activities, work at heights requires adequate protection of workers against falls. Such equipment should reduce the risk of injuries during an accident. The form and organization of safeguards are determined by health and safety regulations, as well as numerous safety standards tailored to the type of activities performed. Work on the roofs and buildings requires the use of free-standing edge protection. This type of solution is offered by PROTEKT, a market leader manufacturing devices and systems that protect workers from falls from heights.

Free-standing edge protection


The free-standing edge protection provided by PROTEKT is ideal for workers who perform work on the surfaces of non-public facilities and building roofs. The free-standing system doesn't require permanent attachment to the roof surface. The structure of the barrier system is designed on the basis of counterweights. They are made of durable EPDM, which ensures high resistance to extreme weather conditions. Importantly, the free-standing edge protection system offered by PROTEKT meets the EN ISO 14122-3:2001 and EN 13374:2004 Class A standards


Modular roof free-standing edge protection


When it comes to all free-standing edge protection systems, the key is the possibility to adjust them to the roof. The solution offered by PROTEKT is based on a modular system, which means that it can be tailored to individual needs. The maximum ease of use and transport are another advantage of a modular free-standing edge protection system. This makes it noticeably easier to secure the roof and enables workers to safely proceed with work at heights.