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Portable deadweight anchor

The possibility to attach a rope to a portable deadweight anchor, combined with personal protective equipment, is crucial to guarantee the safety of employees working at height. Such specialist systems minimize the risk of falling or injury. Portable deadweight anchors are the elements that, when installed on a roof, provide workers with an adequate level of protection.

Portable deadweight anchors offered by PROTEKT


Based on its extensive experience in the manufacturing of equipment and systems ensuring safe work at height, PROTEKT provides users with portable deadweight anchor points that effectively protect the person working on a flat roof (provided that it has the appropriate roof load capacity). For example, one of the portable deadweight anchors includes:


  • a hot-dip galvanized steel deadweight anchor point;
  • twelve rubber weights, each weighing 16 kg.


The special design of the equipment requires proper installation so that all components of the system adhere precisely to the roof surface.


Safety and use of portable deadweight anchors 


Portable deadweight anchors manufactured by PROTEKT have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the EN 795/E standard which guarantees that the equipment ensures complete safety of work at height. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that portable deadweight anchors can be easily and comfortably installed.