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Horizontal anchorage line system

Work at height always requires employees to be adequately protected against falling. Therefore, appropriate protection systems are very important elements of safety equipment. Regardless of the height of the building where the work is carried out or the type of roof to which the belaying systems are attached, equipment must meet rigorous safety standards. Apart from that, components should also be comfortable to use. Horizontal anchorage line systems available in our offer meet all these requirements.

Horizontal anchorage line systems available in our offer


Horizontal lifeline systems are designed to ensure safe work and comfortable movement of workers. Components offered by PROTEKT - a Polish manufacturer of equipment and work safety systems - meet all the abovementioned requirements and their diverse form makes it possible to adjust them to the actual nature of work performed at height. In our offer you can find expert DUO, MONILINE, PRIM or Proliner systems, which, depending on the model, are characterized by:


  • being used by 1 to 3 people (with the possibility to expand some systems to be used by up to 7 workers)
  • being suitable for installation on building walls, roofs, terraces, steel structures, ceilings;
  • having movable anchorage points.


Safety of horizontal anchorage line systems


Horizontal anchorage line systems offered by PROTEKT meet the highest safety standards EN 795:2012 and comply with CEN/TS16415.