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Anchorage points

Anchorage points are basic components of the so-called permanent anchorage systems. Their main purpose is to secure workers so that they can comfortably attach themselves to the selected anchorage point with a rope. Apart from protecting employees from falls, these solutions are supposed to minimise the risk of injury in case of an accident. Anchorage points and other elements of the permanent anchorage system, are designed to be mounted on various surfaces and levels. They're ideal for work at heights and elements such as: masts, chimneys, towers or roofs.

Anchorage points offered by Protekt


Protekt, a quality fall protection kit manufacturer, provides numerous anchorage points that vary in terms of the type of surface and intended application as well as the materials used. The manufacturer provides solutions such as:


  • anchorage systems for trapezoidal metal sheets of different profiles (steel and/or aluminium),
  • anchorage points fixed directly in concrete,
  • anchorage points for a fixed structure, distinguished by the static strength or shape of the surface to which they are attached,
  • anchorage points for personal equipment.


Most anchorage points are additionally equipped with mounting kits.


Durable, quality anchorage points


Anchorage points offered by Protekt are characterised by top-notch quality and durability achieved thanks to the application of materials: stainless steel (also type AISI 304) and cast steel. Importantly, the materials used take into account the number of workers who will be using a specific anchorage point - some systems with a strength of 30 kN and compliant with EN 795 are suitable for even three people and still guarantee maximum safety of use.