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Vertical anchorage system

Performing work at heights frequently requires workers to attach themselves by rope to fixed anchorage points. This happens when performing construction or maintenance work on buildings, masts and chimneys. Many times such work involves climbing onto a roof or working on vertical surfaces. For this purpose, specialists can use complex vertical anchorage systems to protect themselves from falling. PROTEKT offers such professional equipment that ensures the safety of work at heights.

Vertical anchorage systems by PROTEKT


It's worth noting that in addition to the primary function of protection against falls, each vertical anchorage system is also designed to minimize the risk of injury. The safety of the worker performing work at heights is crucial. PROTEKT pays particular attention to employee protection. When it comes to vertical anchorage systems, in our offer you can find:


  • vertical anchorage systems with self-locking devices and rigid guides. They can be mounted to the sides of ladders and to the rungs. The system can be used by two people weighing up to 140 kg each;
  • ladder with an integrated anchorage system - a wide range of installation configurations are possible: with a simple entrance to the roof, with an entrance in the form of a bend, with the use of landings, or the installation of a door to protect against unauthorized persons.


Compliance with safety standards


Fixed vertical anchorage systems supplied by PROTEKT meet the stringent European safety standards EN:353-1:2014 and EN:363. The systems meet the requirements of European Parliament Regulation 2016/425 and have the appropriate certification, which proves the highest quality of their workmanship.