Rescue device

In the event of a disaster or accident during work at heights rescue and firefighting services need to carry out an immediate emergency action using reliable rescue devices. PROTEKT offers a range of solutions which make it possible to safely bring the injured down if they are unable to move on their own, e.g., as a result of using fall protection equipment.

Rescue devices offered by PROTEKT


Our offer includes complete sets of rescue devices intended for evacuation of people from heights:


  • escape/rescue device - consists of, among other things, a special mechanism, a rescue rope in 10/20/30/40/50 m options, a belt clip, snaps, and a transport bag. The kit also includes a knife in case you need to cut the victim's line;
  • auxiliary evacuation kit without line cutting - supports the rescue device in case there is no possibility to use the knife to cut the victim's line. The maximum load of the set is up to 200 kg. Tensile strength is minimum 4 kN.


Other evacuation equipment and rescue supplies


In addition to the main rescue device kits, PROTEKT offers additional items that facilitate evacuation:


  • evacuation triangles made of reinforced PVC - used to safely lower or lift the user on the rope;
  • 105 and 120 cm long straps - used while waiting for help in case of being trapped in the harnesses - allow transferring body weight to the leg. They also come with adjustable strap lengths;
  • a two-point rescue lifting sling conforming to EN 354 and EN 358 standards;
  • retractable mine rescue rope, up to 8.5 m long - adapted to work in methane and coal dust explosion hazard zones, allows protecting up to 5 miners in limited visibility conditions.