Industrial safety helmets

Industrial safety helmets are particularly important when working at heights, as well as in the construction and forestry industries. They shield workers from falling objects, so their proper construction and durability are crucial to prevent head injuries. Apart from material reliability, it's necessary to consider factors such as light weight, comfort of use and strong fasteners. This is an ideal description of helmets supplied by Protekt - a manufacturer of equipment and kits that guarantee safety at work.

Industrial safety helmets by Protekt


Industrial safety helmets available in the offer prepared by are solutions that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. ATRA models are characterised by:


  • outstanding durability complying with EN 397:2012+A1:2012 standards;
  • low weight thanks to the application of ABS materials,
  • possibility of adjustment,
  • wide temperature range within -30 °C +50 °C;
  • versatile 300 mm sockets, which enable attaching additional accessories, such as ear protectors;
  • additionally, the ATRA 10 helmet shows electro-insulating properties (protection against contact with electric conductors - 440V AC and against electric shock - 1000V AC / 1500V DC);
  • the ATRA 10V helmet has additional ventilation openings.


The offer prepared by Protekt includes EVO LIGHT High helmets (in version without and with ventilation openings) characterised by innovative EVO Light design, as well as Montana industrial helmets that don't restrict the visual field and are made of polycarbonate.


Accessories for industrial safety helmets


All helmets are fully equipped with systems that ensure secure attachment and comfort of use. Accessories aren’t included in the price, and you can select from parts such as rotatable headbands, chin straps, support tapes, harnesses or sweat bands.