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AC 360 - Vertical fall arrest system


EN 353-1

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Special features

Protection for maximum user's weight of 140 kg

Protection for maximum user's weight of 140 kg

Protection for 2 users

Protection for 2 users

Technical specification

Max. user weight:

140 kg


Diameter Ø:

8 mm


stainless steel



stainless steel


Carabiner model:



The AC 360 vertical fall protection system is a guided type fall arrester on a rigid vertical line, conform to EN353-1:2014 standard. The system meets the requirements of European Parliament Regulation 2016/425.


The AC360 system consists of a

  • vertical rope guide made of 8 mm diameter stainless steel rope (ref. AC 850)
  • The upper end of the rope guide is fitted with a shock absorber (ref. AC 362).
  • The lower end of the rope guide is fitted with a spring tensioner (ref. AC 910) spring tensioners with rope tension indicator (ref. AC 401 or AC 402).
  • The upper and lower (with tensioner AC 910) end of the rope guide is fastened to the fixed structure using an AZ 090 screw coupling
  • every installed guide is equipped with an information plaque (ref. AC 803 / AC 804). 
  • the vertical rope guide with a length over 10 m features a line guide (ref. AC 922) which protects the rope guide against vibrations caused, e.g. by wind. 
  • the slider (ref. AC 363) constitutes a user's individual protection equipment. It is installed on a guide in case of the need to use the safety system. The slider moves along the line up and down during normal user movement, and in case of a fall, locks on the line, halting the fall.
  • The system's guide may be tilted forward and to the sides by an angle of no more than 15° in relation to the vertical.
  • The system is intended for a maximum of 2 simultaneous users with a weight of no more than 140 kg each.

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