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PRIM System -


EN 795/C

CEN/TS 16415

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The PRIM rope anchoring system is a Class C anchor device, compliant with EN 795 and CEN/TS16415. It is designed for simultaneous use by a group of up to 3 people with the option of reconfiguring for a larger group of up to 7 users. It can be installed on building or structure walls and on roofs or terraces, etc.


The system consists of the following components:

  • end structural fasteners, such as end plates or posts, intermediate structural fasteners, such as rope holders or return rollers,
  • shock absorbers and tensioning rope fasteners, connecting elements,
  • - a rope guiding the movable anchor points


The system is made of stainless steel (rope, connecting and shock absorbing elements) or galvanized steel (selected fasteners). It is fitted with end and intermediate rope guide attachment points and cushioning elements that reduce the loads transferred to the structure.

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