Lightweight portable gantriesLoad arrester and cargo lashing

Load arrester and cargo lashing

In order to benefit from gantries used both for lifting and lowering loads and for supporting the work of rescue teams, you need appropriate load arresters and cargo lashes. The components supplied by the Polish manufacturer - PROTEKT - maximize protection while lifting and lowering loads with the use of mobile gantries.

Cargo lashes offered by PROTEKT


Among the accessories available in the store, we can distinguish the following types of cargo lashes:


  • 6, 8 or 10 m long self-locking devices, which make it possible to secure goods against falling (also reducing the force of impact);
  • small cargo lashes - 25 mm wide, 600 daN lashing capacity, used for securing loads (only), available in orange or white;
  • lashing straps - available in different colors, including bright shades;
  • large cargo lashes (also the Tie Down type) - that are 50 mm wide and have a lashing capacity of up to 2500 daN.


All cargo lashes come in various lengths, adapted to the actual needs of users - from 4 to 12 m.


Top quality of load arresters and cargo lashes


Cargo lashes provided by PROTEKT are characterized by their durability which meets the requirements of users. This is possible thanks to the combination of robust materials such as polyester used to make the lashes and galvanized steel used to make auxiliary mechanisms and hooks.