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Manual chain hoists

Considering the design and purpose of compact gantries, one of the most important elements that affects both lifting capacity and the safety of loads and workers involved in operating the equipment are the so-called manual chain hoists. This type of equipment is offered by PROTEKT, a leader in complete multi-component safety lifting systems. Manual chain hoists are very complex devices, the construction and operation of which directly affect the quality of worker and load protection during the operation of overhead cranes.

Manual chain hoists from PROTEKT - construction and use


The battery-powered manual chain hoists available in our offer are equipment that allows for lifting goods in cooperation with PROTEKT's compact gantry cranes of the FSB, KSB, and KSB-LE types. It’s worth emphasizing that the permissible working load of manual chain hoists is up to half a ton with a minimum breaking force of 15kN. The device is equipped with a 4x12mm steel chain, the working length of which is up to 6m. For safety reasons, the chain system is placed in a specially designed basket. The convenience of using the equipment is increased by battery-powered 18V batteries (available in the set with a charger). Thus, full load allows for 20-25 minutes of work. The equipment is controlled by a wired remote control with a 2m control cable. A detailed user manual is included with the equipment.


Manual chain hoists - quality of workmanship


The manual chain hoists provided by PROTEKT achieve a working speed of up to 2m per minute, which is a very good result. Such an effect is possible thanks to using high-quality materials. Our manual chain hoists are made of galvanized steel and come with an ultra-durable powder-coated cast iron housing.