Compact gantries

Access to compact gantries is essential when handling heavier loads, especially where there is no possibility to use fixed and large cranes. The mobility of compact gantries offered by PROTEKT makes them easy to use in various warehouses, as well as during transport and specialist work of service teams or rescue services.

Features of compact gantries


PROTEKT, a manufacturer of devices and systems that guarantee work safety, provides proven compact gantries. These solutions make it possible to handle loads of up to 500 kg, all thanks to the use of extremely durable materials and specially designed construction.


The distinguishing features of PROTEKT compact gantries are:


  • beam length from 2 to 6 m;
  • working height under the beam from 1.9 to 3.1 m;
  • stable beam supports;
  • sturdy wheels with locking mechanism, thanks to which the gantries can be easily moved with the load;
  • the possibility to fold them to a compact size and transport easily thanks to the wheels.


Top quality of compact gantries offered by PROTEKT


Compact gantries offered by the online store meet rigorous durability and safety standards, such as CEN/TS 16415, EN 15011, EN 13001, EN 795/A and B. The gantries are extremely safe both for goods and people. Users can safely benefit from these hand crank winches.