Load holders

Using gantries to lift and lower heavy loads requires additional accessories. One of them are load holders intended to properly secure various types of loads, from concrete coils to pipes and pipe profiles. These types of solutions are offered by PROTEKT - a Polish manufacturer of equipment ensuring work safety at every level.

Load holders offered by PROTEKT


Extra accessories for light mobile gantries available in the protekt.uk offer include various solutions such as:


  • Anchors for lifting concrete circles - with a possible working load ranging from 750 to 2000 kilograms. They are made of steel with a galvanized finish. It's recommended to use at least 3 anchors to ensure complete safety of the load and people;
  • Pipe clamps - with a working load of up to 2000 kilograms.  They are made of light and solid aluminum with a powder-coated finish. These types of accessories are used not only for lifting but also for transporting (horizontally) pipes and all tubular profiles. It is required to use the clamps in pairs.


Safety of goods and people


Load holders offered by PROTEKT are designed to support users lifting and transporting non-standard heavy goods and to ensure the desired level of work safety.