Lifting beams

Aluminium lifting beams are accessories that facilitate safe and efficient transport of objects of various shapes and sizes. They make it easier to lift heavy and long items. In our offer you can find a light beam for loads weighing up to 2000 kg and a heavier version capable of lifting up to 4000 kg. Especially for our customers we also offer expandable one-piece or modular beams.

All aluminium beams available in our store are characterized by their high quality workmanship. The beam and the lower grapple are made of aluminium, while the central grapple consists of galvanised, powder-coated steel. The pins, which are also made of galvanised steel, complete the design. Please note that hooks and shackles, which are important elements of the beams, are sold separately.


What types of aluminium beams do we sell?


As a manufacturer of aluminium beams, we can reassure you that our products are made of top quality materials. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer beams in various sizes, dimensions, types and load-bearing capacities. Apart from ready-made solutions, we can also provide you with custom beams. However, we would like to clarify that the total beam length, spaces between holes or load capacity mustn’t be changed according to the preferences - we indicate the maximum values and adjust them to your needs.


Check out our offer and get acquainted with available variants of aluminium lifting beams - in case of any questions, we will be happy to resolve your doubts. Our company provides specialist support at every stage of cooperation.


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