The so-called slings are one of the key elements of the gantry systems. They are the basic components of gantries, hoists and cranes. Thanks to slings it is possible not only to hang the load, but also to tie and support it. Transport slings supplied by PROTEKT are indispensable accessories for light gantries.

Transport slings offered on


Professional slings for gantries offered by the Polish manufacturer - PROTEKT - are not only durable (thanks to being made of polyester), but also highly functional. The range provided by includes, among others:


  • protective sleeves for slings - to prevent abrasion and damage, available in various distinctive colors;
  • tubular slings;
  • circular slings;
  • wheel slings with steel core;
  • polyester mesh slings;
  • single-ply webbing slings;
  • two-ply strap slings.


Features of PROTEKT slings


Slings aren't an integral part of the gantry, but they make it possible to hang loads on the hook. They are made of polyester and are characterized by very high durability. They protect against abrasion, dirt and premature wear. In our offer you can find models suitable for working loads of up to 12 tons. Slings provided by PROTEKT are characterized by high loading capacity, easy storage (both in terms of weight and shape) and a wide range of temperatures they can be used in.