Permanent anchorage systems

Permanent anchorage systems

Working at height poses a risk of falls and hazardous injuries that, in more extreme cases, may lead to disabilities or even death. In order to prevent such situations, OSH regulations require employers to provide appropriate safety equipment such as permanent anchorage systems which include fixed anchorage posts and points.

Types of anchorage systems


Anchorage systems are supposed to make it easier for employees to secure themselves with a rope to a fixed anchorage point. A variety of anchorage posts and points installed in compliance with the regulations are perfect for this purpose. Anchorage systems can be grouped in four categories - horizontal, vertical, rope and rail. Each of them is intended to prevent falls and minimize the risks of potential injuries.


Products in our offer are designed to create permanent anchorage systems suitable for roofs, chimneys, masts, towers and other similar elements. They are configurable and, depending on the type, intended to protect two or three employees. It’s also possible to customize the systems so that they support larger groups of people at the same time.


Certified anchorage systems offered by Protekt


Each permanent anchorage system should meet specific requirements which guarantee that it’ll provide employees with the right level of protection. Protekt offers components made of aluminium, steel and plastic which comply with Polish and European standards. In our store you can find anchorage posts manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel with a wide base that makes them suitable to be mounted on roofs, terraces, platforms and beams. We also provide a wide range of anchorage points that can be used as personal protective equipment ideal for lifting loads.


Our anchorage points are made of stainless and cast steel. They come with accessories such as bolts for mounting in concrete or trapezoidal sheets.