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Fall protection kits

Effective support when working at height


In our offer you can come across a wide range of fall protection kits. These comprehensive solutions ensure that your workers feel maximally protected and safe when working at height. Using them according to the guidelines guarantees minimizing the risks of life and health hazards caused by falls.

Our product range includes Basic, Comfort+, Grider, Roler and Roofer fall protection kits. Each of them is dedicated for a different type of work - some are ideal for work positioning, whereas others are recommended for employees conducting activities on steep roofs or scaffoldings. All our products stand out from the crowd thanks to the amazing quality of workmanship and safety evidenced by meeting specific standards required by law.


Fall protection kits - what do they include? 


Components of the fall protection kit are determined by the variant you select. Depending on the intended application, the kit may include: safety harnesses with an anchor point, ropes with clips, transport bags, retractable fall arresters, safety lines or positioning devices. If the selected kit doesn’t contain all the necessary pieces of equipment, you can buy them separately and create the ideal set.


When choosing the most suitable model, it’s worth taking into account the intended application of the protection kit. It can be used not only for business purposes but also when performing maintenance works or cleaning windows in high-rise blocks.