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Fall protection kits

Effective support when working at height


Our selection of fall protection kits caters to various professional requirements, ensuring that workers across different industries can find the perfect solution for their safety needs. Each kit provides maximum protection, enhancing the confidence and security of those working at elevated heights. The comprehensive nature of these kits means they are equipped with all the necessary components to minimise the risks associated with falls, adhering to strict safety regulations.

Fall Protection Kit: Your Tailored Solutions for Specific Tasks


Our product range includes Basic, Comfort+, Grider, Roler, and Roofer fall protection kits. These kits are specifically tailored to different types of tasks. For instance, the Basic kit is perfect for general use, offering essential safety features for a wide range of activities. The Comfort+ kit provides enhanced comfort and ergonomic support, which is ideal for prolonged use. The Grider kit is specially designed for steel structure work, ensuring stability and security in challenging environments. The Roler kit is perfect for tasks requiring frequent movement, offering flexibility without compromising safety. Lastly, the Roofer kit is tailored for those working on steep roofs, providing specialised equipment to handle these unique conditions safely.


High-Quality Workmanship and Compliance. The Difference You'll Notice


All our products are distinguished by their superior craftsmanship and adherence to legal safety standards. This commitment to quality ensures that every component of our fall protection kits is reliable and durable. The materials used in our kits are robust and resilient, designed to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in high-risk working environments. Additionally, our kits are certified, meeting the stringent criteria set by industry regulations.


Fall Protection Kits - What Do They Include? 


The components of the fall protection kit are determined by the variant you select. Depending on the intended application, the kit may include:


  • Safety harnesses with an anchor point are the foundation of any fall protection system, designed to distribute the forces of a fall evenly across the body.
  • Ropes with clips. These provide secure and adjustable anchoring, allowing flexibility and mobility while ensuring safety.
  • Transport bags. Convenient and durable bags for easy storage and transportation of all components.
  • Retractable fall arresters automatically engage in the event of a fall, limiting the distance and force of the fall to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Safety lines. These lines are essential for creating secure pathways when working at height and maintaining stability.
  • Positioning devices allow workers to maintain a secure and stable position while performing tasks, particularly useful for work that requires both hands.


When choosing the most suitable model, it’s worth considering the protection kit's intended application. It can be used for business purposes, maintenance work, or cleaning windows in high-rise blocks.


Customisable Kits for Specific Requirements


If the selected kit doesn’t contain all the necessary equipment, you can buy them separately and create the ideal set. This flexibility ensures that every user can tailor their fall protection kit to meet their precise needs, enhancing both safety and efficiency.


Fall Protection Harness Kit. Versatility Beyond Professional Use


Fall protection kits are not limited to industrial or business applications. They are also highly beneficial for individuals performing maintenance work or window cleaning on high-rise buildings. By investing in a quality fall protection kit, users can ensure their safety in various situations, whether in a professional setting or for personal use.


Choosing the right fall protection kit is a must for ensuring safety when working at heights. We aim to provide reliable options for every requirement, from general maintenance to specialised tasks. With our commitment to quality and adherence to safety standards, you can trust that our fall protection kits will provide the necessary support and protection in any high-risk environment.