Anchor points

All work performed at heights requires the use of multi-element individual personal protective systems to adequately prevent a worker from falling from height. Anchor points are among the equipment that aims to properly anchor points on various substrates of roofs of buildings and structures, from concrete substrates, through steel, wood and, for example, trapezoidal sheets. Check out the offer prepared by PROTEKT and benefit from a wide range of solutions available in this category.

Anchor points offered by PROTEKT


As a leader offering devices and systems that ensure the safety of work performed at heights, PROTEKT provides a range of anchor points. These vary from complex systems, and single anchor points to necessary spare parts. The individual products and product groups are selected based on the anchoring substrate (also taking into account the thickness of the insulation layers), the roof construction, the purpose of the point itself or the method of anchoring.


Anchor points and solutions provided by PROTEKT


Depending on the selected model, anchor points available in the PROTEKT offer include equipment that makes it possible to secure up to three people. The products are characterized by increased static strength. In our range you can find individual anchor points, anchor systems, devices and others. The equipment available in our offer was tested and certified in accordance with various standards such as EN 795:2012/A.