Spare parts

The possibility of using lightweight compact gantries ensures easy transshipment of goods and loads wherever it is difficult or even impossible to use large standard cranes. This is equally true for a number of other works that require vertical transport of maintenance teams or emergency services to areas of difficult access. As a leading manufacturer of systems and equipment providing occupational safety, PROTEKT offers spare parts for compact gantries in addition to hoisting machines themselves.

Spare parts for compact gantries from PROTEKT


The construction and nature of the use of compact gantries requires not only a solid design that meets a range of safety standards, but also reliable replacement components. Additional parts for compact gantries will come in handy in case of wear and tear of fixed components or their damage, or in case the gantry needs to be retrofitted with additional components. PROTEKT offers such parts for compact gantries as:


  • KSBleg spike used when gantries are positioned on slippery surfaces;
  • wheel set (4 pcs);
  • automatic mandrels used with the FSB device;
  • roller extensions for the FSB support;
  • beam-mounted external roller for guiding the working rope;
  • removable trolley for compact gantries complying with EN 795/B;
  • universalwinch clamps with a safety factor of SF10:1 with a permissible working load of up to 140kg;
  • winch mounting module.


Compact gantry parts — quality of workmanship


What is critical to work safety while utilising gantries is the use of spare parts for compact gantries of high manufacturing quality. For this reason, PROTEKT offers spare parts for compact gantries produced from such materials as stainless steel, zinc-plated galvanised steel, aluminium or polyamide.