Spare parts

Any work involving loads of up to 5,000 kg requires specialised hoisting equipment. Such standard mobile gantries enable safe loading and unloading of goods and merchandise with a particularly heavy deadweight. In addition to the certified hoisting equipment safety that meets a number of safety standards, PROTEKT also provides a wide range of spare parts for gantries.

Parts for gantries from PROTEKT


Access to spare parts for gantries from PROTEKT is particularly important because of both the possibility of wear and tear/damage of individual components due to intensive utilisation of the hoisting equipment and the need to retrofit additional functionality. This is why we offer a range of spare parts for gantries for various purposes:


  • wheel set (4 pcs in each) — varying in size, construction material, and permissible working load;
  • adaptors and supports for wheels;
  • vertical liftingmodules;
  • HSB trolleys, also available in an extended version;
  • trolleys for cable management;
  • support beltwinches;
  • indoor personal trolleys;
  • external cargo trolleys;
  • various hitches and rollers for beams;
  • beamconnectors;
  • bolts with cotter pin.


Quality of workmanship of spare parts for gantries


The safe use of hoisting equipment for the loading and unloading of goods weighing up to 5 tonnes, as well as the use of personal trolleys, requires gantry parts of the highest manufacturing quality, providing the desired level of protection for all persons involved in a given type of work being carried out. This is why PROTEKT offers spare parts for gantries made of durable and weatherproof materials, such as (depending on the product): stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.