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LSB - Lightweight mobile aluminium gantry crane (500kg - 750kg)


EN 13001

EN 795/B

EN 15011

CEN/TS 16415

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Max. weight of load to be lifted or lowered [kg]

Total beam length [m]

Working height under the beam [m]

Support wheels (Support wheels)

Special features

Protection for max. 3 users

Protection for max. 3 users

Technical specification

Type of crane:


Max. weight of load to be lifted or lowered:

1,750 kg

Total beam length:

2 m

Working height under the beam:

1,59 - 2,19 m

Support wheels:



12.8 kg




197 mm

WLL working load limit:

1,000 kg


guma, stal ocynkowana


galvanic zinc


Aluminium gantry crane (ASB/LSB series) is a complete, lightweight, fully customizable (modular design), portable and flexible device designed to be used in variety of lifting applications such as, drainage wells, reservoirs, wells, silos, rooftop, lift-shaft, waste water and many more. For faster device installation additional tools are not needed (device installation - Section 2).

Beam ASB: from 2 to 9 meters.

Beam LSB: from 2 to 7 meters.

Support for ASB: types - A1 / B1 / C1 / C2.

Supports for LSB: types - E1 / F1 / G1 / G2.

ASB Working Load Limit (WLL): from 1500kg up to 3500kg (depends on configuration - please see ASB Technical Data Table).

LSB Working Load Limit (WLL): from 500kg up to 2000kg (depends on configuration - please see LSB Technical Data Table).

Safety factor for lifting loads: 2.1:1.

Safety factor for personal rescue: 10:1.

ASB - Protection for maximum five people at the same time.

Static classification according to EN 15001 for ASB / LSB / HSB :
lifting class: HC2
stability class: S1



  1. Lifting loads only
    ASB/LSB can be used for lifting/lowering loads up to the related Working Load Limit (WLL - which is always indicated on the beam) with chain hoists, RUP50x-CT/DT series devices and other lifting equipment. For lifting loads external trolley must be used.
  2. Ochrona indywidualna i podnoszenie ładunków
    Personal protection and lifting loads ASB/LSB device can be used for personal protection (for ASB max. 5 people at the same time and for LSB max. 3 people at the same time) during lifting/rowering loads. When Combined ASB Beams are used - max. 2 people at the same time. During both operations at the same time (personal protection and lifting/lowering loads) WLL of the device indicated on the beam must be reduced - please refer to Section 3. For personal protection internal trolley must be used.​
  3. Rescue and personal protection only.
    ASB/LSB device can be used for rescue purposes and personal protection as component of personal protective equipment against fall from height. During rescue operation lifting/lowering loads IS NOT allowed. For rescue RUP50x-C or RUP50x-D rescue lifting device must be used. For personal protection internal trolley must be used.​



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