Lightweight portable gantries

Lightweight portable gantries

Storing or loading and unloading heavy goods requires the use of appropriate lifting equipment such as light gantry cranes. The name reflects the design resembling a rectangular gate placed on a stable base. Gantry cranes are often equipped with their own trolley systems thanks to which the load isn’t transported solely along the top beam. 

Lightweight portable gantries in our offer vary in terms of available technical parameters. Consequently, they can be tailored to types of transported loads and specific working conditions. Depending on the selected parameters, the maximum lifting capacity amounts to 3.5 tons. It’s possible to adjust the length of the beam by choosing a suitable option from the 2-4 meter range. The cranes are equipped with wheels that come in various dimensions. These devices can be used both for load lifting and rescue purposes.


Accessories and spare parts for gantry cranes


Lifting loads with a gantry crane requires additional equipment. If the construction is used for rescue purposes, we recommend special safety harnesses. On the other hand, if you want to secure the load, we would suggest using special lashing straps and various types of tensioners. Crossbeams can be considered helpful when transporting certain types of loads. In our offer you can find light and heavy crossbeams as well as modular and one-piece spreading beams.


Special clamping elements designed for specific loading types are the real icing on the cake among our product range. We also provide pipe clamps and various harnesses.