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Additional accessories

Car accidents or other land traffic disasters may trap victims in damaged vehicles. In such cases, performing rescue operations may require the use of specialist equipment designed to quickly and safely release trapped people. In order to facilitate the use of spreaders it’s often necessary to use additional accessories. The PROTEKT company offers extra pieces such as ram supports, which provide support for the spreaders.

Additional accessories for rescue operations


Firefighters are one of the first services that appear at the scene of car accidents. In the case of more serious incidents, when it’s necessary cut the car or to spread the crushed construction, it's crucial to use accessories that would facilitate the rescue operation. In the case of spreaders, the ram supports available in our offer make it possible to reduce the distance covered by the spreader during movement. As a result, the process is much faster. The appropriately reinforced construction of our ram supports guarantees their effectiveness. PROTEKT delivers supports adapted for Lukas and Holmatro spreaders.


Life-saving accessories. Top quality of ram supports


The shape of ram supports available in our offer has been designed to ensure that they're maximally tailored to spreaders, and provide appropriate load transfer. The ram supports available in our range have three very stable support points. They can be used freely regardless of the type of vehicle. They are made of galvanized steel (or aluminum in the case of Lukas ram supports). On the other hand, accessories suitable for use with Holmatro spreaders are available in standard and NTC versions.