Full body harnesses

Rescue and firefighting actions are carried out in various conditions, including the most demanding ones, i.e., at heights. Full body harnesses, which protect against falls and facilitate manual operations, are the basic element securing the work of firemen during high-altitude actions. The PROTEKT company, a Polish manufacturer of equipment and systems for work safety, provides the rescue services with harnesses manufactured in accordance with numerous safety standards.

Fully body harnesses for firefighters by PROTEKT


We offer a wide range of safety and rescue harnesses, designed to be used by firefighters and other rescue services during work performed at heights, including evacuation actions. The basic distinction of harnesses comes down to the use of lap belt in their standard design, which is intended to ensure extra security and comfort of use during the most demanding jobs. Moreover, the particular firefighter harnesses available in the PROTEKT offer differ in terms of applied buckles, the type of chest buckle (manual or automatic) or the available color options. Full body harnesses in our offer come in a wide range of sizes.


Quality and workmanship of full body harnesses


All products constituting PPE of firefighters working at heights are made in accordance with the requirements of the EU Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/425. In addition, individual products, depending on their parameters, meet safety standards such as EN 358, EN 361, EN 813, as well as EN 1497. The materials used allow full protection of users with a maximum weight of up to 140 kg. In our offer you can also find full body harnesses with additional features such as two-point hitch or certification for use in explosion hazardous areas.