Mobile water tanks

Mobile water tanks are perfect for storage. Stored water can be used as a reserve, as in the case of rainwater tanks, or serve during firefighting and rescue operations by constituting a part of the water supply system. Proper installation and application of tanks guarantee that individual users and emergency services are completely protected during the operation.

Main features of mobile water tanks by Protekt


In case of mobile water tanks that can be used when necessary, it’s advisable to focus on the following qualities:


  • Durability of the materials - water tanks are made of very durable materials with PVC coating weighing up to 630-650 g/m2. This, combined with the thickness amounting to 0.7 mm, guarantees their satisfactory durability;
  • Robustness of the design - tanks for water, including rainwater, are stable thanks to the strong steel frames which protect the entire structure against the power of the collected water;
  • Impressive capacity of the tanks gives you more freedom of use, for example, the rainwater tank can hold up to 250 liters of water and the mobile water tanks used for fire-fighting purposes can store even 2500 liters;
  • Easy application - a special way of setting the frames and additional supports enable immediate and easy use of the tanks;
  • Mobility and transport -  thanks to convenient covers, the tanks can be easily transported even despite their relatively high weight.


Safety and compliance with requirements


The high quality of applied materials and compliance with the guidelines of European directives and technical requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration are the main features distinguishing Protekt tanks and ensuring their full safety, provided they are used in accordance with their intended purpose.