Fireman belts

Fireman belts are one of the elements that protect firefighters and rescue teams working in demanding conditions. Top quality workmanship, incredible durability of applied materials, possibility to handle dynamic loads and multifunctionality are main features characterizing equipment provided by Protekt. Quality of these components is proven by various certificates and suitability assessments.

The use of fireman belts - qualities


The most important objective of professional fireman belts is to protect users working at height or performing rescue operations. The qualities of Protekt fireman belts enable:


  • a secure hold when working at height, which prevents falls,
  • protection during firefighting and rescue work, even when using heavy equipment, which ensures uninterrupted action and safety of the employee,
  • the possibility to attach extra equipment which can be comfortably used,
  • convenient use thanks to handy buckles, snaps and, if necessary, anchor belts,


However, it’s crucial to emphasize that other personal protective equipment has to be used in addition to fireman belts.


Fireman belts - quality that guarantees safety


Fireman and work positioning belts are supposed to provide users with a higher level of safety. In order to achieve this goal, the belts are made of very durable materials: one piece polyester straps and steel or aluminum buckles: fastening and adjusting; adjusting, adjusting and attaching. They are in line with strength and resistance requirements, they aren’t affected even by chemicals. These belts come in a variety of sizes which makes it possible to tailor them to individual users in a way that guarantees comfort and safety.