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Evacuation stretchers

Performing an effective rescue operation may require relocating injured people who can’t move on their own. Transporting them out of the scene of the accident has to be done safely to guarantee that we don’t exacerbate their condition. Thus, evacuation stretchers used by rescuers need to have an appropriate design and a special security system.

Folding stretchers


Rescue operations are performed in various conditions. Rescuers often have to tackle difficult terrain and carry heavy equipment. Therefore, individual components of their tools need to be designed in a way that facilitates performing activities and guarantees the lowest possible load. Light folding stretchers are indispensable in such situations. Steel tubes and high density of the polyester fabric ensure satisfying durability.


Folding evacuation stretchers don’t take up a lot of space, but they still weigh 10 kg. Therefore, whenever you need lighter equipment, it’s advisable to select a versatile model made of PVC and PS. It can be loaded even up to 500 kg and used in temperatures ranging from -30 to +50 C. Moreover, special harnesses make it possible to transport the injured person in a vertical position.


Evacuation stretchers for air transport


Protekt offers a wide range of stretchers suitable for performing operations in literally all conditions. We supply rescue teams with evacuation stretchers designed to transport the injured person by a helicopter. Our equipment resembles a stainless steel basket with slings, snaps and straps for stabilizing the patient. Accessories of this type can also be dragged on the ground or used to transport heavy loads. Our category with evacuation stretchers is complemented by extra belts, ropes, inner nets or harnesses ideal for transporting the equipment.