Fire-fighting and rescue equipmentTents, screens and fences

Tents, screens and fences

Special screens, used during road accidents or natural disasters are an indispensable element of equipment of rescue services. The screens are used to cover whole objects or the injured and victims of various events. At the same time, they help to separate the location where rescue action or other activities take place. Apart from ensuring effective rescue operations, screens are a way to avoid intrusive passers-by.

Types of rescue screens offered by Protekt


The products offered by Protekt are designed to provide adequate protection during rescue operations and are available in many versions tailored to specific actions and needs of particular services. Protekt delivers:


  • protective screens - straightforward construction, available in various color versions for fire departments or police;
  • screens with reflective tapes - the tapes guarantee proper visibility when working after dark or at night;
  • adjustable screens - the design makes it possible to adjust the height of the screens; they are available in blue, red and versatile orange colors;
  • fire proof screens - designed for work in hot temperatures and near fire;
  • screens for covering bodies - light screens for covering bodies, blue, red or black. It's possible to imprint the type of the service.


Top quality and durability


Regardless of the intended use of the product, our screens for firefighters, rescue workers or other services are manufactured from top notch materials. Aluminum or steel frames, fiberglass elements and polyester coatings ensure convenient assembly, stability on the ground and easy transportation.