Warning signs

Conducting rescue operations at the scene of accidents requires excellent coordination of activities and proper organizational skills. For this reason, warning signs are one of the basic elements of the equipment of firefighters and other emergency services. Warning signs offered by PROTEKT make it possible to correctly mark the place of accident and temporarily organize traffic in its immediate vicinity. Thanks to this other traffic users receive a clear signal that they must be extra careful.

Road warning signs


The primary application of road warning signs is to easily and effectively mark the location of a hazardous event. Therefore, their construction and weight should ensure convenient transportation and easy installation, while keeping them visible and stable in bad weather conditions. Our offer includes, among others, road warning signs with the inscription “Accident”, which are characterized by:


  • Yellow (powder coated) steel stand;
  • Polyester fiberglass sign in bright colors for increased visibility;
  • Stable base in the form of a wide frame or a heavy rubber base on wheels with an additional handle for easy control.


Road warning signs in the “Pyramid” shape


Road warning signs in the “Pyramid” shape are another type of PROTEKT warning signs. They can be quickly unfolded with a special handle. The light construction makes it possible to appropriately mark the place of the accident. At the same time, the PVC sign is durable. In our offer you can find:


  • signs informing about road works, excavations, etc.;
  • signs that can be used to inform about specific situations and events, such as a car accident sign or a mandatory road sign.