Fire-fighting and rescue equipmentRope hangers and fire-fighter’s rescue ropes

Rope hangers and fire-fighter’s rescue ropes

Reliable equipment, guaranteeing safety of firefighting and rescue operations is the basis of work of firefighters. Rope hangers and fire-fighter’s rescue ropes are one of the most important elements of personal protective equipment. These pieces allow solid fastening of fire-fighting hoses during rescue operations. The PROTEKT company offers a wide range of high quality, certified ropes and rope hangers designed for use by rescue services and firefighters.

Fire-fighter’s rescue ropes by PROTEKT


Using fire-fighter’s rescue ropes is the key to keeping the specialists safe during firefighting and rescue operations. Ropes supplied by PROTEKT are high quality pieces characterized by:


  • high tensile strength - min. 15 kN;
  • possibility of extension - up to 20%;
  • being made of 12 mm thick braided polyester rope;
  • having length adapted to real needs and specifics of firefighter's work (available options: 10/20/30 m).


Fire-fighting ropes are finished with self-locking connector with manual blocking and a loop. Importantly, this product complies with the Polish standard PN-M-51510:2015-04.


Rope hangers for firefighting actions


Rope hangers are another element that protects firefighters during work. They're designed to secure fire-fighting hoses. Connection of fire hoses requires using durable, and resistant equipment, which can be easily used on elevators or ladders. We supply rope hangers that are:


  • aramid - in the form of aramid braided rope, tensile strength: 15 kN;
  • polyester - in the form of a coreless braided rope with min. 10 kN.


Rope hangers for fire hoses are finished with a hook and loop.